Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Working my fanny off to market Aldric and Anneliese

Greetings ~

Ever since getting home from our trip to Orlando, FL and Macon, GA last Tuesday, I've spent the week trying to get a buzz going for Aldric and Anneliese. I got a notice placed in the Shreveport Times mentioning the book, and it ran while we were away. This last week I have mailed first-class review copies of Aldric and Anneliese to nine paid reviews sites, including the outrageously overpriced Kirkus "Indie" program, to three other free book review sites, and to four individual reviewers who agreed to review it. In addition, I have emailed thirty-two book review sites/blogs requesting a review for Aldric and Anneliese. So far, I have received back one 'yes' and two 'maybes'. Many of these sites tell you up front that they won't answer should they decide not to review your book; they are overwhelmed with review requests. It is getting harder and harder to get your book reviewed! I even offered to give anyone a copy of the book if they would write an Amazon review after reading it. I posted that here and also at my Writing.com blog and to the Bragging Rights group on Yahoo. From the three postings, I got three takers. I guess I have done about all I know to do to solicit reviews for Aldric and Anneliese. Now it is wait and see what happens.

I also purchased a Spotlight Cover ad to run for four months on MyShelf.com, beginning in April. I also donated copies of Aldric and Anneliese to the public libraries in Shreveport and in the surrounding towns of Ruston, Minden, and Homer.

Now I need to try to line up some book signing events locally. I will be at the North Texas Book Festival at Denton, Texas on April 16th at the 4RV Publishing tables.

Anyone who has a suggestion for marketing Aldric and Anneliese that I haven't tried yet, please let me hear from you.



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