Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Soldier's Death.....for Veterans Day

Here is a poem I wrote that seems appropriate to re-post today in honor of Veterans Day:

A Soldier's Death

Mortally wounded, he lies in the dirt,
surrounded by the dead and the dying.
His blood flows warm; his wounds hurt.
He hears other men praying and crying.

The afternoon sun fades; soon it’ll be night.
Bravely onto this field his unit had marched.
He wonders which side has won today’s fight.
How he’d like a drink! His throat is parched.

He thinks of how fiercely he fought, of his kills.
He wonders what that matters now he’s dead.
Who saw? Who’ll remember his fighting skills?
Will he be thought a hero, or foolish instead?

When his name is found among those killed
on the casualty list posted in his home town,
will his countrymen’s hearts all be filled
with admiration or will apathy abound?

The end grows near; it’s hard to think clearly.
Regrets come…he’ll never again see his wife
and children. He loves them all so dearly!
May each have a happy and successful life.

Loving thoughts of his family fill his mind
as his body shakes with his death rattle.
He joins those noblest among Mankind --
soldiers who die honorably in battle.

Remember to honor veterans today, for if it were not for the sacrifices made by our veterans we all would not have the freedoms we take for granted as our birthright.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 2 of VBT Anniversary Tour -- Karen Cioffi

Today is day 2 of our VBT Writers on the Move group’s Anniversary Tour during the month of November. We are celebrating being together as a group for one year by having a daily winner from among the non-member visitors who leave a comment on that day’s blog (Today that would be THIS blog), plus we also will have one monthly winner from the Mystery Blog for the month (i.e., one visitor commenter on the blog site that happens to be the chosen Mystery Blog out of all the group’s blogs will win a special gift). So, all you visitors, be sure to read the new blog posting each day and be sure to leave a daily comment to be eligible for the prizes. Good luck!

This is the second stop on the 23-day Anniversary Tour. (If it’s 2 November, we must be at Harry’s blog!) I am quite pleased to have as my guest today our VBT group leader, Karen Cioffi. Karen has a brand new e-book available, The Self-Publisher’s Guide.

Now, let’s take a closer look at Karen’s new ebook:

Title: The Self-Publisher's Guide
An e-Book by Karen Cioffi
Number of Pages: 22
Price: $3.99 (for the time being). Hey, that's not bad - a writing and publishing guide for the price of a cup of coffee.

It's available for sale now!

So, what's in the book, you ask?

Ah, there's quite a lot!


Do you have a book in you dying to come out? Do you want to self-publish a book you’ve already written, but you’re not sure what to do? Do you need basic writing and promotional tips and guidance?

Well, The Self-Publisher’s Guide is for you!

From Writing Your Book, to Self-Publishing Options, to Creating a Website, to Promotion - it's all included in this handy guide.

TOPICS INCLUDE: learning to write, critique groups, being ready for publishing, choosing a publishing company, creating visibility through promotional strategies, bringing traffic to your site, resources, tools, and much more.

Great self-publishing and promotional tips, advice, information, and examples!

For NEW SUBSCRIBERS to her Karen and Robyn – Writing for Children’s Newsletter, Karen is giving the first 2 parts of the e-book for free: Your Self-Publishing Options, and Writing Your Book.

Direct link to book:


Karen, your first book is a bedtime picture book. What prompted you to write this e-book?

I attend a number of marketing and writing tele-seminars and found that there are many people who don’t know the basics. I wanted to be able to reach these people and others in the same boat and offer some affordable help. So, I decided to write a guide to self-publishing but included the basics also, from writing a book to creating visibility.

I thought it would be a simple 5-10 page e-book, but it grew. Since it’s about self-publishing for beginners what better way to create it than through a self-publishing avenue - I used And, it didn’t cost a penny! You can do it too!

Karen Cioffi's Blogs and Website Links: (writing services with Karen Cioffi, Lea Schizas, Robyn Feltman and Donald Ventrice) (writing, marketing, book reviews and the Karen and Robyn Newsletter) (information about Karen’s children’s bedtime picture book, with sheet music to the original lullaby included) (group of authors who utilize cross-promotion to create/increase visibility and readership) (health information and option specifically geared toward Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Depression, and Anxiety

To whet your appetite, here's an EXCERPT from The Self-Publisher’s Guide:

“You might think writing your book and getting it published is the hard part. Well, you had better think again!

Although your book is for sale, that doesn’t mean anyone is going to buy it – even if it’s listed on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. The only way to lead readers to your book, and make sales, is through promotion.

The first step to selling a book is to create a quality product. You want to make sure your book is professionally edited and bound, and if there are illustrations involved, be sure they are of professional quality, or close to it.

The second step in selling your book is making people aware of it.

This is where you need to roll up your sleeves and get ready for an ongoing battle uphill. Remember, you are one of thousands and thousands of writers who are trying to get their books noticed and sold.

The name of the game is visibility!

You have a few options here: advertising, hiring a publicist, and doing your own promotion (this is the free option). If you’re like me, you’ll opt for the promotion.

There are a number of ways to create free visibility for your book. We’ll take a look at a few of the basics.”

This excerpt should have convinced you that you would benefit from Karen’s e-book if you have any interest in self-publishing, either now or sometimes in the future. You should buy it!

Enjoy the remaining daily blogs each day from now through the 23rd. Please visit each day, and don’t forget to comment!