Friday, March 4, 2011

Free copy of Aldric and Anneliese for review on Amazon

My new short novel "Aldric and Anneliese" is now available on Amazon. It is a tale of nation building, kings, knights, fair ladies, battles won and lost, triumph, betrayal, tragedy, revenge, redemption, and great loves It is a story for the ages. It is an action/adventure, historical fiction, love story. It was published by 4RV Publishing.

Check it out on Amazon: Aldric & Anneliese

I am currently seeking reviews for my book. Therefore, I will send a complimentary copy of my Aldric and Anneliese paperback book to anyone interested in reading it in exchange for a commitment/promise by him/her to post a review on within two months of receiving the book. A free book for a review of it posted on Amazon! If interested, please let me know.



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Charmaine said...

I'd like to read it please! I promise to write a well rounded review on it at amazon if you send me a copy =)