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Harry Gilleland Has A Secret!

Greetings, All ~

I have a secret...something of which I am quite proud. But I cannot announce it until after mid-February. My lips must remain sealed. :-)



Saturday, December 20, 2008

PMOOFM Reviews 100 % (10 of 10) 5-star

My latest poetry book, “Poetic Musings of an Old, Fat Man” has received ten reviews to date. I am pleased to report that all ten have been quite favorable in their comments, with each giving the book a 5-star rating.

These reviews have been from various sources, including Reader Views, Lulu Book Review, Book Pleasures, Review Your Book, Rebecca Reads, and assorted other individuals. All have posted reviews on ( ).

Below follow excerpts from some of these reviews.


“Thoughtful, funny, & full of wisdom …I thoroughly enjoyed "Poetic Musings of an Old, Fat Man" from start to end. I was a little surprised at my reaction to this book, because while I enjoy poems, I am usually not as enthusiastic about books of poetry as I was about this compilation. The third collection by this author is definitely one not to miss reading. Harry Gilleland is a very talented writer, … The collection of poems includes stories about every aspect of life. Some of the poems left me with tears in my eyes, while others had me laughing about life's lighter side. … I applaud Gilleland on creating such a well written, thought provoking book. It is one that I will definitely read again. I highly recommend "Poetic Musing of an Old, Fat Man" to anyone who is looking for an enjoyable book to read this summer or for someone who is looking for a gift to buy for that person who has everything.” By Cherie Fisher for Reader Views

“One of the true purposes of poetry for a reader is not just to discover what the poet was intending to convey, but to find how you relate to the poem. Gilleland does a superb job of presenting an array of poems that are easy to understand and will certainly capture the attention, and the heart, of every reader. …. Verse after verse, this poet is to be commended for his true talent with words.” By Shannon L. Yarbrough

“Harry Gilleland often uses his storoems and poems to reveal life in its glory and its despair. … ‘Poetic Musings of an Old, Fat Man’ offers something for every one in over 150 pages, which contain rhyming poems and storoems, two limericks, acrostic poems, and free verse poems.” By Vivian Zabel

“All in all, I highly recommend this book. Not only will the poems entertain you, but they will also stimulate your mind, as you begin to ponder some of the lessons they put forth. … Very insightful!” By Kristina N. Fountain

“This book illustrates my point that seniors should consider expressing their lives and their thoughts in poetic form. This book provides an interesting tour through the author's mind. … Gilleland's observations about life … ring true.” By Marlys M. Styne

“These are poems that often feel like having a light bulb switched on in your brain and after reading the poem you unconsciously cry out ‘eureka!’…Probably one of the most outstanding qualities of Gilleland's poetry is his ability in proving that any topic or theme, if handled skillfully, can be transferred into persuasive poetry. This is effectuated with his balancing of his personal convictions and fervour with imaginative meticulousness that speaks to us at another level and touches us in a similar way as music. Moreover, Gilleland employs very little ornamentation in his poetry, which is one of the prime reasons why they contain meaningful content that leave a lasting impression. … Most of poems have a conversational rhythm containing a great deal of bluntness and a clear expression of emotions that brilliantly portray the work of a mature self-confident gentleman who knows what life is all about.” By Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor Bookpleasures

“I must admit that poetry is not my favorite medium. Too often the author rambles on, not conveying his/her point. However, ‘Poetic Musings of an Old, Fat, Man’ is an awesome book. Harry E. Gilleland, Jr. has a talent for poetry. He conveys his message with a unique style that is easy to understand and that brings emotion to his readers. I was hooked from the first poem, … I will long cherish ‘Poetic Musings of an Old, Fat, Man’ and highly recommend it to others.” By Debra Gaynor for

“I have to admit when I first saw the cover of the book I wasn't too intrigued. However, the old adage holds true to not judge a book by its cover. Once I started reading the book I was hooked. Gilleland's writing is very readable and thought-provoking. … ‘Poetic Musings of an Old, Fat Man’ definitely has something for everyone and, if you enjoy stimulating writing, then I highly recommend this collection!” By Kam Aures for RebeccasReads



Published 2008: "Poetic Musings of an Old, Fat Man". A collection of my poetry. Lulu Press.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Meet Author Rosanna Ienco

Rosanna Ienco is an author and certified coach. She is the Founder of Motivational Mentoring for the Soul™ a mentoring program that helps others to find personal empowerment, discover their true passion, life purpose and move towards their mission with clarity so they may live a more fulfilling life.

Having overcome her own personal traumas and obstacles on her own path, Rosanna believes that we all have the power to change our lives for the better.

No matter what the situation is, or where we come from, there is always an opportunity for a fresh start, to heal, grow and blossom into the magnificent person that you truly are.

For more than twelve years Rosanna has been inspiring, motivating and assisting others on their journey. As a mother of three, she understands how very important it is to have an inner peace, balance and harmony in your life.

As a student of spirituality and mysticism, Rosanna brings a balance of the spiritual and practical into her coaching and teaching, enabling others to merge the two in perfect harmony.

As a motivational mentor, inspirational speaker and teacher, Rosanna travels throughout the globe, teaching workshops and helping others to make their dreams come true.

Rosanna lives on beautiful Vancouver Island with her husband and three children. She has a healing practice where clients from all over the world are drawn to her many skills. Her intention is to continue to serve others in the best way she can, fulfilling her life's purpose.

“ If you have the courage to step outside of your comfort zone, then you will not only be amazed by the marvel and sights of the world, but also with the wonders that lay deep within yourself, acknowledging their spiritual beauty and the messages they hold.” ~ Rosanna Ienco


Open Yourself to a Fascinating Journey

Rosanna's new book, Awakening the Divine Soul, will be released in January 2009 and is already collecting praise from preview reviewers.

For more details about the book, release date, and how to order, click here to visit the publisher's website.

Awakening the Divine Soul takes you on a fascinating journey. Rosanna's spiritual adventure introduces the many strange and amazing people she met along the way and the secret places where she throws herself wholeheartedly into the depths of soul.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Linda's comments on my last post...

My wife Linda read my last post about us getting ready for Christmas and had two comments:

She has to shop for presents for over 40 people, not two dozen as I had said. (I seriously underestimated her shopping requirements.) She is completely finished, and I have only one person to shop for and have not done it yet! Hey, there's plenty of time, nearly two weeks left. :-)

Only a UGa three-time graduate would spell pretzels as prexels, as I did.
(I must have been thinking of pixels...LOL)

Holiday Cheer, all y'all!


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Getting Ready for Christmas

We are going great guns this year in getting ready for Christmas. We already have the artificial tree (that looks more lifelike than the real ones we bought previously; the thing even has fake pine cones on it!) all decorated and pretty. The outdoor lights are out and working well. All the presents are wrapped, and those that have to be mailed will be sent off this week.

The house is completely decorated with the several dozens of Christmas-themed items Linda sets out. She spends two days early each Christmas season storing our usual clutter and carefully placing the Santas, snowmen, reindeer, angels, candy trees, wreaths, stockings, etc., etc. around the house. Linda really loves the Christmas holiday season!

I've mailed my Christmas cards to my side of the family; Linda is just starting to write out her cards. Linda is now starting on the holiday cooking. Tomorrow she plans on making her fabulous fudge, white chocolate-covered prexels, and a cake. She'll be making cookies and candies for the next ten days.

She is totally finished her shopping for Christmas presents, finishing up this morning. I haven't started shopping for her yet. She buys for a couple of dozen people, and all I have to shop for is Linda. She's done, and all presents are wrapped. Time for me to start thinking about what to get her. She's hard, I mean HARD, to buy for. She doesn't wear any jewelry, not into clothes much, trying to not eat sweets ( = no chocolate covered cherries or candy Millionaires wanted). Her only hint has been she needs a new toaster oven since the one she had before we married 23 years ago just quit heating. Boy, the guys who can just buy a piece of jewelry or a fancy purse for their wife are lucky! (I bought Linda a $175 fancy leather purse on year, and she beat me with it and returned it.)

Anyway, here it is the 9th of December, and we are well on our way to being finished with all the preparations and being ready for Christmas this year. Linda has her Christmas card list to finish and a week-plus of cooking to do, whereas I have to shop for her. Sounds 'bout right! Guess I"ll run by Home Depot tomorrow...

Oh yeah, don't forget that poetry books, like my Poetic Musings of an Old, Fat Man, make the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for relative or friend. Just thought I'd mention it.

Cheers, y'all!


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

News Flash! Dianne Sagan Signs Publishing Contract... Breaking News...

Dianne Sagan signed a publishing contract this morning, December 3, 2008, for the first in a series of novellas – Rebekah Redeemed. The ink is barely dry on her signature. She doesn’t even have a cover or ISBN yet, but those are coming.

Rebekah Redeemed will be released after the first of the year, 2009. Watch her blog for release date.

The daughter of a shepherd who saw the Christ child that first night, Rebekah is thrown into a life of servitude. Traded from relative to relative, she suffers through hard labor, neglect, and abuse. What will become of her? No one cares until a kinsman redeemer reveals himself.
Can Rebekah forgive the past?

Congratulations, Dianne! Way to go.
Today we get to learn more about Dianne Sagan, who has graciously consented to answering some questions for me.

Welcome, Dianne, and let’s begin:

Dianne, please tell us a bit about your background and training to become a writer.

I have a B.A. in History, with a minor in Geography. I also earned a M.A. in Communications. I believe my academic training has helped immensely. I have a broad background of American and world history to draw on from my undergraduate work, and I also learned the art of research. That is really valuable to a writer. My Communications degree involved a lot of writing, and my professors encouraged me to write articles and explore other avenues of expression. And, as is true with most graduate degrees, I learned a lot about statistics, probabilities, and the scientific method, so when I write I can include a feeling for what constitutes a “likely” event and what doesn’t. The Communications degree I earned also included a lot of behavioral studies, and that gave me important insights into what people really do in real situations.

Please tell us something about your experiences as a ghostwriter.

My husband and I have started a new ghosting writing and editing package called Legacy. These books are not your normal memoir or family history /memory books. Instead, we work with people who wish to leave behind a message to their family and others about lessons they learned in life and the legacy they leave behind.

In the past couple of years I have ghostwritten ten nonfiction books dealing with subjects as varied as business success, leadership, health issues, overcoming your past, overcoming your fears, how to tap into your mental strength, and teaching children about finance.

Do you ever wish that you had published under your own name instead of being so successful as a ghostwriter for others?

My goal has been to be a freelance writer and to be able to live well from my work. That isn’t always easy to do when selling my own work. When the ghostwriting opportunity came along, it was a perfect fit. Ghostwriting provides a good income on a steady basis, and, although I have less time to work on writing projects under my own byline, it is well worth it. It also gives me experience and a track record for being able to complete books and make deadlines. It has also helped me prove to myself that, yes, I really can write a first draft of a two hundred-page manuscript in four weeks!

What are you working on currently?

My current projects include a series of Christian fiction novellas. The series is called Touched by the Savior. Each book is the story of a little-known woman who met Jesus during his ministry. The first is a story of Rebekah, who is orphaned and used as a slave by her relatives until she is taken in by Lazarus and his sisters. The second tells the story of Peter’s wife. A third tells about the woman at the well after she went home from the well. Other stories are also planned.

I am also working to revise my novel, Escape, for a publisher who is interested in it. I hope to have a contract for it soon.

Where can readers see an example of your writing projects?

The Tainted Mirror: An Anthology, edited by Valerie Coleman, is currently available at and other booksellers. The second story, contributed by me, is entitled “Second Chances” and is about my son’s head injury and the aftermath. Based on I Corinthians 13:12, The Tainted Mirror: An Anthology offers stories of hope and healing. They speak of overcoming mental, physical, and emotional strongholds that keep us from realizing our true potential.

As an experienced writer, what advice do you have for new writer just getting started in their careers?

Don’t put off writing until times are better or less hectic. Don’t wait until your children grow up and leave home. There is no time like the present to write, even if you can do it for only ten minutes a day at first. Take time to make time to write, and don’t let anyone talk you out of it. Also, I have to say that new writers will go a lot further a lot faster if they join a writer’s group that is honest, blunt, articulate and consistent in giving feedback about how to improve one’s work. Writers have to develop a thick skin and not take feedback personally. Critiques are not about you; they are about the writing. Learn from them and work to make your writing better.

Thank you, Dianne, for such interesting answers. I’m sure everyone enjoyed getting to know you better.

Now is a great time to visit Dianne's website:

Monday, December 1, 2008

I am pleased to host Dianne Sagan this week. For the next week, I will feature posts that allow you to become acquainted with this fascinating freelance author.

First, a bit of biography about Dianne:

Dianne Sagan is a full-time ghostwriter and author. Dianne’s works in progress include a flash fiction book with five other women writers, Women’s Bible studies, a series of suspense novels, and Christian fiction. Dianne is also working on a line of e-books.

An award winning writer, Dianne Sagan’s writing interests include inspirational fiction and nonfiction, novels, historical, mainstream, romantic-suspense, mysteries, anthologies, and flash fiction.

Dianne’s past credits include ghostwriting with clients in the United States, Canada, England, Europe, Australia, and Indonesia. In three years time, Dianne has ghostwritten ten nonfiction books internationally. Clients have included doctors, businessmen and women, as well as a high profile actress and model.

Sagan authored more than thirty-five editorials / opinion pieces for the Amarillo Globe News, a regional newspaper, plus numerous short stories and articles published both on the Internet and in hard copy.

A member of Panhandle Professional Writers, Dianne can be contacted through her website – Dianne Sagan, Writer @

Besides being a full-time writer, Dianne and her husband Greg own a business consulting firm, Sagan & Associates. She is a partner and seminar facilitator. She loves speaking to writer’s groups and women’s groups. Her background includes working in the private sector, small business, academia, non-profits, adult and youth training, and speaking.

Dianne is active in her church. Her activities there include teaching Women’s Bible studies, teaching Adult Sunday School, and choir. She served as a volunteer for five years with the Sharing Hope Ministry, a prison ministry to incarcerated women. She has also been a Small Group leader.

Also check out:

Dianne Sagan’s blog: ,

as well as her Authors Den homesite at

Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Guest Will Be Dianne Sagan, Ghostwriter

Starting on Monday, I will be hosting Dianne Sagan, a ghostwriter and author. Stop by and get to know her, beginning with some background material about her career as a writer in my first post about her on Monday. In the meanwhile, you can check her out at or at .



Friday, November 28, 2008

Mailing Lists & Charities

Today's mail just came a bit ago, and I had more than an inch-high stack of mailings from various charities. I've gotten to where I discard most of them unopened nowadays. I gave to one military-associated charity a few weeks back, and now I seem to be on some list for other military-associated groups. Two more came in today's mail. I wish charities I donate to would NOT put or sell my name and address on some mailing list to other charities. All the environmental groups seem to be particularly bad about sharing their lists, but the worse I've encountered has to be the Native American charity organizations.

A year ago I received a mailing from a Native American school. I have always felt sorry over the treatment the Indians received from this country as it drove them from their native lands so whites could expand west. It is a shameful chapter in U.S. history to be sure. So, I gave to that charity. Shortly thereafter, I received mailings from several other Indian charities representing various tribes or associations. I gave to a several of these. Then I started receiving two or three different mailings from Indian charities every week. That was followed by telephone calls for larger donations. Soon I was getting multiple Indian mailings every day and several phone calls every week. It was bordering on being harrassed. Finally, I started telling the telemarketers to please take my name off their list. My favorite line to tell them was that "I had more Indians after me than Custer had after him at the Little Big Horn." Sometimes the woman at the other end would laugh, but sometimes she would say coldly "I doubt that!" or "Hardly". Whatever, after six months of saying that and throwing away all Indian mailings unopened, it has finally slacked off ... not quit entirely, but greatly decreased.

Why must charity organizations turn donating into such a chore? A week after making a donation, many will send you a thank you letter with an envelope enclosed and ask for another, bigger donation OR they start sending you a request for more money every few months OR they call you and ask for an emergency $500 donation to save the whatever, winding down to "Surely you can afford to donate just $15 to help out". Well, this particular goose is running out of both patience and golden eggs! And Christmas holiday season charity giving is just getting ramped up...



Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgivings!!

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving holiday, even the turkeys among you ... and you know if you are one. :-)

Holiday Cheers!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Entered A Couple of Book Contests Today

I received an email yesterday informing me that the Reader Views Literary Contest for 2008 deadline was fast approaching (15 December). I checked out the submission guidelines and decided to submit my poetry book, Poetic Musings of an Old, Fat Man (, in the poetry catagory. Then, I remembered that I had received information about the 2009 National Indie Excellence Awards for books a week or so back. So, I decided what the heck, why not submit PMOFM to that contest as well. I spent a few hours this afternoon filling out the entry form for each contest, writing out the entry fee checks, packing the books for mailing, and then driving to the post office to mail them.
And that is probably the last I'll be hearing about that... LOL.
How many poetry books do you suppose each contest will receive for this year's contest? But, you have to submit to even have a chance of winning some recognition, eh? Have any of you even entered a book contest? If so, did you win or place? Authors are filled with eternal hope!



Saturday, November 22, 2008

Red Tail Project - Tuskegee Airmen

A few months back I received a mailing from the Red Tail Project asking for a donation to help restore a WWII Mustang fighter like those flown by the black pilots called the Tuskegee Airmen. I had seen a movie about them several years back, and I admired what these men had achieved in the face of racial discrimination during the 1940s. I read more background on-line and then wrote this poem as a tribute:

The Tuskegee Airmen

In 1942 America was in World War II.
For black Americans, “back of the bus”
and segregation was all they ever knew.
Yet, they pled, “Give this chance to us.“

Let us fight as pilots; let us do our part.”
Many opposed: “Negroes lack intelligence
to fly a plane; in combat they’d lack heart.
To become a first-rate pilot takes diligence!”

Approval finally won, the Tuskegee Institute
began to make fighter pilots out of black men.
They became heroes, turning their critics mute.
Let’s review what they accomplished back then.

Flying P51-C Mustangs with tails painted red,
these black men were courageous and skilled
when escorting bomber missions. It’s been said
they kept many bomber crews from being killed.

The statistics are extraordinary:
1,578 total missions flown
15,533 total sorties flown
Over 260 German planes destroyed
Hardly any escorted American bombers downed
950 train cars, trucks, and other vehicles destroyed
150 train locomotives destroyed
1 naval destroyer sunk with crewmen drowned
Of 450 Tuskegee airmen deployed overseas,
66 died in combat and 32 became POWs
Awards won: 1 Legion of Merit, 1 Silver Star,
2 Soldier Medals, 150 Distinguished Flying Crosses,
14 Bronze Stars, and 8 Purple Hearts

These gallant black lads made their country
proud. White bomber squadrons requested
escort by the “Red Tails” fighters. “You see,
I want my boys to get home,” so suggested

one bomber squadron commander. In all,
994 black men graduated as pilots from
Tuskegee Institute. Each could stand tall.
At war’s end, the return home for some

was hard. Despite their having risked
injury or death serving their country
so bravely and well, they were whisked
back to prewar “second class citizenry”.

The gallant exploits of these black airmen
would play a major part in ending segregation
in the Army, but now as civilians once again,
they suffered indignities across the nation.

Although admonished to “know their place”,
these black pilots won glory for their race.

I sent my poem to the Red Tail Project, along with a $50 donation. They responded that they might use my poem in the supporting material traveling arround with the plane on tour to teach young Americans about the history of the Tuskegee Airman so that this episode of black history will be perserved. It would be nice if they do decide to include it on the tour. I would be greatly honored, if so.



Monday, November 17, 2008

What Readers Have To Say About The Carny Kid

I enclose some comments from readers of Kenny Kahn's book, The Carny Kid.

"I just finished reading Kenny's book and I thought it was the most fascinating true-life story that I've read. While each page is filled with incredible details of Kahn's life, whenever I would take a moment to sit back and think about the reality of what happened, I felt bad that I enjoyed reading about someone else's pain. Then I'd come to be OK with it, because Kenny has clearly persevered and the life he has led made him the brilliant and hardworking man he is today. I just can't wait to read the sequel!" - M. Lesherman

"Very inspirational and very interesting life story. The only book I have read from cover to cover after leaving school; a must read. This coming from a person who hates to read." - Angel, Hollywood, CA

"I got this book as a gift and didn't open it for a while. When I did, I could not put it down. What a story! I like Kenny Kahn's style. He makes his story fun." – David

"The book was an easy read. I'm a retired police officer and was able to visualize where Kenneth grew up, lived, and later practiced law. Life on the streets became real and now I give ”The Carny Kid” to my son who is a police officer. May he learn and come away with a better understanding of life and especially being raised without privilege."
Rich and Patti, Downey, CA

"The Carny Kid is not only very inspirational and readable but gives the reader a look at worlds most of us have never seen." - Dale

Get the whole story. Be entertained. Be inspired. Order The Carny Kid.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Two Helpful Websites for Poets

Two websites that I visit often when writing poetry are:

Bob's Byway, A Poetic Diversion. This site has among other things a glossary of poetic terms and examples of poetic terms. Whenever I encounter a poetic term or poetic form I am unfamiliar with, this site will usually be quite helpful to define it and give examples. Check it out at:

The second website is for writing rhyming poems. To check to see if words actually are good rhymes or to get hints for words to use for a rhyme, I use
RhymeZone Rhyming Dictionary and Thesaurus. You enter a word and it will supply rhyming words. I find this very helpful at times. In addition, the site will find the word's definition; check spelling; find synonyms, antonyms, related words, similar sounding words, and homophones; search for the word in Shakespeare; and search for quotations. This site is a must-visit for rhyming poets! Check it out at:

I hope you find these sites useful.



Come see me at:

Racism Flares Anew In U.S.

I've read recently where there has been an outpouring of racism and hatred toward Obama and toward blacks in numerous places around the U.S.-- things like one small store having a gambling pool for picking the date when Obama gets killed, with the wording "Let's hope we have a winner soon", nooses hanging from trees, hate words painted on houses, school children chanting "kill Obama", and the like. There reportedly has been more threats against Obama than ever before for a president-elect. The FBI and Secret Service are supposedly busy investigating numerous threats made against Obama. I had hoped the U.S. was better than this, had somehow outgrown our racist past, maybe had grown up more as a nation. But, instead, racism is making an open comeback. As a nation, we should all be ashamed of such behavior and speak out against such hatred whenever & wherever we hear or see it displayed. Won't we ever learn just how truly ignorant racism is?

I wrote an acrostic poem back in 2002 entitled "A Lingering Disease":

Rarely occurring in humans younger than age five,
Adults carry the disease, communicating it to each kid.
Constantly a threat to harm almost anyone alive,
It remains a malady from which Man needs be rid.
Sorry to say, even today, it continues to thrive,
Mind after mind learning to hate as their parents did.

Wouldn't it be great if a successful Obama presidency was the cure for America's chronic disease of racism? One can only hope...

Published 2008: "Poetic Musings of an Old, Fat Man". A collection of my poetry. Lulu Press.

Friday, November 14, 2008

About Kenny Kahn’s book, The Carny Kid

The Carney Kid, Survival of a Young Thief, by Kenneth Kahn

Hardcover: 224 pages
Publisher: Pendant Press (January 2005)
ISBN-13: 978-0976111504
ISBN-10: 0976111500
Copyright © Kenneth Kahn 2005

Kenny Kahn bares his funny soul and shares his unbelievably poignant life experiences in this incredibly inspiring, highly motivating memoir.

"Kenny Kahn and I have been legal contemporaries for three decades, and now to read about his early life, I know readers will be clamoring for more." - Robert Shapiro, Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney

"Kenny's story should be required reading for every teenager!" - Jim Molina, Principal, Lincoln High School, Los Angeles

From the Projects to the Penthouse. As the only Jewish family in the Ramona Gardens housing projects, Kenny tells the spellbinding story of being the oldest child of two small-time carnival thieves who make their living as traveling gypsies and then graduate to dealing heroin from their cockroach-infested apartment. It's an inside view of carnival life, of living in a cocaine-selling "shooting gallery" apartment and of surviving a gang-dominated existence in one of L.A.'s worst neighborhoods.

It's also a story of the grit and determination of one small child, a child named Kenny Kahn, who saw education and hard work as the golden path and the only sure way to escape his tortured environment.

Mr. Kahn has written his story in plain language in order to make it easily readable not only adults but by young people who feel trapped by their "delinquent" parents, and to offer hope for escaping to a better life.

This poignant memoir of Kahn's childhood in the projects, and the training his substance-abusing parents provided him to become a carnival hustler, takes many twists and turns as it wends its way from the days of conflict in his environment to Kahn's present profession as a criminal defense lawyer.

Rubbing elbows today with the world's most powerful and elite, Kahn's clients include famous characters like Andrew Daulton Lee (the notorious "Snowman" in the espionage trial later made into the movie, "The Falcon and the Snowman;" and publisher Larry Flynt, who was charged with contempt for wearing an American flag diaper to court; and singer Ike Turner, who faced charges of violating probation on a cocaine charge.

Throughout the book, Kenny Kahn injects his unique, humorous take on his own life story, which is to say this book is a page turner. Every chapter is a new adventure, full of the realities of The Carny Kid's life growing up in an environment of dishonesty and abuse - and the techniques of humor, education and hope the author employed to cope, survive, prosper and move to new, more rewarding levels of existence.

Get the whole story. Be entertained. Be inspired.



Thursday, November 13, 2008

Meet Kenny Kahn, Author Among Other Things

I would like to introduce Kenny Kahn to the my blog readers. He is a most unusual author. This is Kenny Kahn.
Today I will give Kenny's biographical background.
About Kenneth Kahn:

After an emotional, turbulent childhood, which is revealed in his true-life book titled "The Carny Kid,” Kenny Kahn became a highly-regarded criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles, where he has served for 40 years. Kenny’s newest book “Going BerZerkley in the 60’s”continues his life journey at Berkeley exposing him to new ideas beginning with the Free Speech Movement and its leader, Mario Savio, whose revolutionary tactics set the campus on fire.

Kenny witnessed the largest mass arrests in U.S. history and to a new type of student activism. During his legal career, Kenny has represented a wide variety of clients he refers to as "the good, the bad and sometimes worse than that.” Regardless, the community has genuinely embraced him for his candid approach to help people navigate America's complex legal system.
In addition to thousands of courtroom appearances and nearly as many public speaking engagements, Kenny has also tackled an even greater task -- performing stand-up comedy – with his unique, sometimes "Kahn-troversial" style.
Over the past 10 years, he's performed at top comedy spots around the
country including The Laugh Factory, The Comedy Store, The Ice House and The Improv in Los Angeles, Cobb's in San Francisco, Giggles in Seattle and The Comic Strip, Laugh Factory and Stand-Up New York in New York City. He also has the distinction of becoming the first-ever working attorney to perform as a comedian In the main showroom of the Las Vegas Riviera Hotel.

Kahn first gained nationwide notoriety when he defended Andrew Dalton Lee in an espionage case that became the feature film “The Falcon and the Snowman.” "I had the Justice Department, the CIA and the FBI on one side, and me on the other," he said. "That was quite a challenge." Lee received a life sentence, but Kahn developed a reputation as a fighter who wasn't shy of the establishment.

In another incident that sparked headlines a few years ago, Kahn was sitting in a Torrance, CA courtroom with his client who was awaiting sentencing for assaulting six police officers. "We were reading the probation report when my client disagreed with the paragraph that said he may have violent tendencies," Kahn recalls. "My client had been out on bail, and in an era before metal detectors, he pulled an ice pick and plunged it into my chest."

Kahn reached an out of court settlement with the producers of the 1996 film “The People vs. Larry Flynt” with whom Kahn had been consulted but never compensated or credited. In the L.A. Superior Court lawsuit, Kahn asserted that he was, in fact, the attorney who had represented Hustler Magazine Publisher Larry Flynt in federal court several years earlier and not Alan Isaacman, as the film suggested from Ed Norton's portrayal.
Kahn has appeared on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" with noted attorney Alan
Dershowitz, has been profiled on CNN "Showbiz Today," Fox-11 News, ABC-7 Eyewitness News and featured in the Los Angeles Times, L.A. Weekly and
Southern California's prestigious legal publication, The Daily Journal. Kahn
received his undergraduate degree from UCLA in 1962 and law degree from the University of California-Berkeley's Boalt Hall School of Law in 1965.
Wow, Kenny Kahn is a famous lawyer trying high-profile cases, a public speaker of note, a personality who has been in newspaper articles and on TV for years, a standup comic, author. I can hardly wait to tell you about his book, The Carny Kid. But, I'll save that until my next post.
Meanwhile, please check out Kenny Kahn's website:
as well as his blog:

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Uploading pictures -- ME !

Here I am!

I am trying to learn how to upload pictures and images to my blog. From my computer seems easy enough. Now to figure out how to from on-line sites...

Coming Soon...

Starting in a few more days, I will be hosting another author every couple of weeks to introduce you to new authors whose books you would enjoy if you knew about them. This is called participating in a virtual book tour, somewhat like a book tour for an author in a brick and mortar bookstore except we do it on-line. So, be sure to check in regularly to learn about authors new to you. You will be glad you did!



Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mixed weekend football-wise

Well, it was a mixed weekend. UGa Bulldogs beat UKy, but LSU gave one away to 'Bama. If LSU only had an esperienced quarterback.....sigh.

Dallas Cowboys had a bie week, which saved them from another loss.

I'm still on a high from Obama winning. The Republicans are already sending doom and gloom emails about how bad a president Obama will be. Why don't you folks, and you know who you are, knock it off and wait and see how Obama does? He just might surprise you. It will be quite a change having a president with a brain after eight years of Bush.

It is raining this morning, after raining all night. We needed this rain, but I'm ready for it to stop now. Those fall days of sunshine and high temperatures in only the 70s are to my liking.



Friday, November 7, 2008

Geaux Tigers!

The LSU- Alabama game tomorrow should be quite interesting. Sabin facing LSU, #1 Alabama vs an always dangerous LSU, two SEC west powerhouses locked in an epic battle for the ages...oh, my! LOL Seriously, if LSU plays well, the game should be a really good one. Let's hope LSU shows up ready to play tomorrow.

New Links Added

I just finished adding three new links to other authors that you will want to check out. I also added a link to my personal poetry website. I hope you will take time to go to these various links over on the right side there because you'll find some wonderful authors whose books will interest you. Aren't you always looking for new books to read?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yeah! Obama wins!

Too busy doing a happy dance to type anything much tonight. Happy Dance! Happy Dance!

A new America arrived tonight...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Everybody Vote Tomorrow!

Everybody vote tomorrow, even you Republicans. I'm hoping for an Obama victory by a big enough margin that the Republican Party cannot steal the election this time.

I will be glad when the election is over tomorrow. I am saturated with politics. This morning we have received four phone calls from campaigns reminding us to vote for their candidate. I can just imagine what tonight will be like. I think I'll go to the casino and get away from it all. Besides, in these harsh ecomonic times, it is important to contribute to the local I usually do whenever I go to the casino. :-)

Vote, y'all!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

More Authors' Links Added

Two more links to other authors' sites are now added to Links List at right.
Please stop in and look around their sites. You might find books that are of great interest to you. Take a look!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

UGa football -- today's loss to Fla

Well, typical UGa loss -- too many penalities at crucial points, terrible play calling by Richt on that onside kick to set up Fla for their second touchdown after UGa had closed to 7-3, then early in the second half with the game still close the refs allowed Fla to get away with a defensive holding penalty not being called for Fla's 3rd score, then repeated a terrible no-call by the refs on an offensive holding penalty when the Fla receiver pulled on the UGa defender's jersey to get free behind him. After that, the Gators with MAJOR help from the refs simply had the game out of reach.
Coach Richt is not a good coach. No well coached team has as many penalties as UGa has had all year. That onside kick was plain stupidity. This year Richt proves one more time that he can take a team talented enough to go 12 - 0 and end up 9-2 or 8-3 with them. I sure wish UGa could lure Spurrier away from SC to coach the 'Dawgs......

Check Out These Authors' Links

I'm getting a lot of nervous energy building up waiting for the UGa-Fla football game in a couple more hours. Go 'Dawgs. I was trying to watch Auburn & Mississippi play their game, but....BORING. Neither has any offense.

So, I decided to update my blog with the links to some author friends who belong to a VBT group I've joined. Check out the links at the right-hand side of this page. You might find some great books you'd like to read. Come on, what have you got to lose by having a look-see?

Friday, October 31, 2008

Poor Old Rusty

We live with a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Rusty. Those of you who have followed my poetry for years have read about Rusty several times in my poems. Rusty will be 15 this December 9th, and he is on his last legs literally. His hind legs collapse now when he walks so that his walking consists of a series of falls sideways at the back end. It breaks me heart to see him so old and incapacitated. I know what I will have to do all too soon now... Rusty was always so active, running and jumping so high. Time has treated him cruelly. He acts like an old man in his 60s. Say, I turned 64 yesterday.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Greetings & A Bit About Me

This is my first post. I am new to blogging. A bit about myself: I am a retired professor who taught meddies and grad students and performed vaccine research for 29 years at LSUHSC, School of Medicine in Shreveport, as a faculty member in the Dept. of Microbiology and Immunology. After retiring in 2004, I have kept myself busy as a poet and author. I have self-published five books through Lulu Press (a POD press) thus far. Three are collections of my poetry: Poetry For The Common Man: Storoems and Poems (2003), Gilleland Poetry: Storoems and Poems (2005), and my most recent, Poetic Musings of an Old, Fat Man (2008). I also published an action adventure fantasy novella, Bob the Dragon Slayer (2005) and a contemporary romance, White Lightning Road (2006). If you'd like, please check them out on You don't have to be a poetry reader normally to enjoy my poetry. Plus poetry books make a great gift!

Saturday I am pulling for the 'Dawgs to kick some Gator butts.

Tuesday I am pulling for Obama to kick some Republican asses. Maybe then they can put Rove, Cheney, Bush, and the rest of those lying, cheating, arrogant bastards in jail where they all belong for what they have done to America while enriching themselves.

Enough for now.

Have a Happy Halloween!