Friday, October 31, 2014

A Man in Control, My New Novel, is now on Kindle

My latest published book, A Man in Control, is available now on Kindle as an e-book.

The novel is in the genre of Mystery-Suspense-Crime-Murder, my second such novel in this genre. It tells the story of a man who wants to be in complete control of all aspects of his life set against the backdrop of his wife's death, Muslim terrorists, a new viral biological weapon with toxins from the Ebola virus incorporated into an influenza viral carrier, murder, a female police detective, and the FBI. It deals with timely topics, with suspense and mystery and human nature.

The book is a 51,000-word novel that makes a quick and entertaining read. I invite you to check it out:

Monday, October 20, 2014

My Latest Novel, A Man In Control, Is in Its Final Editing

My latest book, A Man In Control, is in its final editing prior to formatting and publication. It stands at 50,710 words at present. Look for it to be available within the next few weeks on Kindle as an e-book and Amazon & elsewhere as a paperback print book. Book blurb: David Wynthers is a microbiology professor whose need to control all aspects of his life is thrown into turmoil by the death of his wife, which causes a cascade of events for Dave to cope with – murder, mystery, terrorists tracking him, sudden wealth, a female police detective, and the FBI. Can Dave maintain control of the events swirling around him?

A Man In Control is a fiction novel in the genre of Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense – Crime – Murder. It is the tenth book published by Harry E. Gilleland, Jr.