Sunday, January 22, 2012

Poetry Books Don't Sell!

I will be publishing a new (my fourth) collection of my poetry soon. It should be available on Kindle and Nook as an e-book first, followed by a print book through Lulu Press in a few weeks. I have chosen the title of "Poetry Books Don't Sell!" This is a truism in the publishing world. Most agents and publishing firms won't accept poetry as a submission. Poetry books tend to be mostly self-published, and, no matter how good the poetry contained is, no one much buys the books. This is a pity because most readers would enjoy reading poetry and would be surprisingly entertained if only they would give it a try.

My new book, "Poetry Books Don't Sell!", contains storoems and poems addressing a variety of topics. It has ninety of my storoems and poems all together: 43 rhyming storoems (story-poems), 6 acrostic poems, 5 political poems, 29 free-verse poems, and 7 of my older poems (prize-winning and personal favorites).

Look for "Poetry Books Don't Sell!" to become available at Lulu Press, Barnes & Noble, Kindle and Nook soon.



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