Thursday, July 22, 2010

Refreshing Rain

It was hot this afternoon -- 96 degrees in the shade, 105 Humidex reading. About thirty minutes ago in early evening, the wind picked up and gray clouds blew in, accompanied by lightning and rolling thunder. I was watching TV when flash-boom and the electricity went out. Then the hard rain came, sweeping across the yard in blowing sheets of water. I went out and sat on the bench on the front porch to watch the show. I enjoy watching rain. It is a wonder of Nature. The temperature fell fifteen degrees. The parched vegetation stretched upward to welcome and soak in the nurturing water falling from the sky. Millions, nay billions of individual droplets of water, insignificant alone but life-giving together, splashed down to the ground. Then, as quickly as it arrived, the shower moved on, heading down the road to refresh & renew some other place. I love the rain!



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Virginia S Grenier said...

We were supposed to get some rain, but I guess it came to your house instead. We're also 100 plus degrees here in Southern Utah. Good thing my front yard is all dirt right now. I don't think any grass would survive the dreaded heat wave we have going on.

I love the rain, too.