Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Aldric and Anneliese" Submitted to 4RV Publishing

Well, I decided to go the small press, traditional publisher route to get my latest romance/action-adventure short novel published. I submitted
"Aldric and Anneliese" to 4RV Publishing, a small press traditional publisher. Now it's wait and see if they accept it for publication. I am an editor for 4RV, so I hopefully know what they will publish in their adult novel section. However, as an author, one never feels too confident upon submitting work any where. :-)

Wish me luck, and watch for "Aldric and Anneliese" to be published in a few more months hopefully.




Virginia S Grenier said...

Fingers crossed you get a contract, but I'm sure your manuscript fits the bill.

Harry Gilleland said...

Thanks, Virginia, for your best wishes. I appreciate it.