Saturday, November 1, 2008

UGa football -- today's loss to Fla

Well, typical UGa loss -- too many penalities at crucial points, terrible play calling by Richt on that onside kick to set up Fla for their second touchdown after UGa had closed to 7-3, then early in the second half with the game still close the refs allowed Fla to get away with a defensive holding penalty not being called for Fla's 3rd score, then repeated a terrible no-call by the refs on an offensive holding penalty when the Fla receiver pulled on the UGa defender's jersey to get free behind him. After that, the Gators with MAJOR help from the refs simply had the game out of reach.
Coach Richt is not a good coach. No well coached team has as many penalties as UGa has had all year. That onside kick was plain stupidity. This year Richt proves one more time that he can take a team talented enough to go 12 - 0 and end up 9-2 or 8-3 with them. I sure wish UGa could lure Spurrier away from SC to coach the 'Dawgs......

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