Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What's an Author to Do to Get Reviews?

A Wandering Warrior, my new action-adventure, historical fiction novel set in late 12th century England was published by 4RV Publishing on 15 April 2013. Since then, I have been in marketing mode, trying to draw attention to and get reviews for my book. People say an author should not buy reviews because paid reviews are tainted somehow. Instead, it is supposedly better to send review copies out and/or solicit free reviews. Free reviews ARE nice. Good luck in getting them!

I sent out emails inquiring about obtaining a free review in exchange for a review copy of my book being mailed to them for free. On April 27th - 29th I emailed twenty-three book review blogs asking for a free review for my book. One of the twenty-three, one responded thus far after more than two weeks ... one out of twenty-three.

I sent emails on May 4th & 5th to Amazon.com top reviewers selected by their giving an email for contact and their book genres interest matching my book's genre. I contacted twenty-five reviewers requesting a review for my book. One responded so far with agreement to read the book for possible review ... one out of twenty-five.

Therefore, in seeking free reviews, I contacted a total of forty-eight blogs and Amazon reviewers, with a total of two responding after nine to seventeen days. It is no wonder that authors turn to paid reviews to get a number of reviews posted to Amazon and to Barnes & Noble.

Anyone interested in posting a free review to Amazon and/or B&N in return for receiving a free copy of A Wandering Warrior, please contact me at my email = hgilleland @ gmail.com (remove spaces).




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