Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Republican Party and the Middle Class

The Republican Party is hell-bent on putting the common man (working people including the shrinking middle class) in as weak and powerless position as it can while vesting more and more power in the hands of corporations and the elite richest class.

The corporation-bought Supreme Court justices repaid the corporations for their largess by voting to treat corporations as individuals (how ludicrous can they be!), which allows corporation to spend unlimited amounts (literally hundreds of millions of dollars) to try to buy elections. This allows the Koch brothers and the variety of conservative front groups such as those Rove funds and directs to buy congressmen and governors, resulting in what we see now in states like Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida, etc. (Why do the Koch brothers and power brokers like Rove hide behind their conservative front groups trying to make it appear their ads and support represent millions of supporters instead of being honest about where the vast majority of the funding actually comes from? Would that make it all too obvious that the elite rich are running the conservative movement for their own benefit, like removing EPA regulation over companies they own to increase their profit in the name of smaller government?)

These Republican–led state governments have declared war on the common man. They want to bust unions, privatize schools in favor of a national for-profit charter school business, sell off prisons to private corporations, force Medicare to be turned over to private insurance companies to run (which will cost more than the proposed government stipend to be paid to individuals so that individuals will have to pay more for their health care … but the private insurance companies will rake in untold billions of taxpayer dollars), allow financial Wall Street advisers/firms get their hands on Social Security and charge fees for their services (fees and more fees), cut unemployment payments to those who cannot find jobs, and on and on. At the same time these Republicans are hurting the common man, they are giving more tax breaks to the corporations and to the richest elite class.

I understand why CEOs of corporations and millionaires/billionaires vote Republican. It lines their pockets with more and more money. But, for Heaven’s sake, why do middle class Americans vote to put Republicans in office when doing so is cutting their own throats economically? Why on earth would working-class Republicans want to give Republicans control of the national government? I think I have figured this out. I’ll explain it in my next blog.

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