Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our Children & Grandchildren Start Arriving Today!

My wife, Linda, has been in overdrive Christmas mode since the first of December (a couple of days after Thanksgivings actually, but I won't agree to setting up & decorating the Christmas tree until at least after December 1st :-) ). We got the tree up and all decorated, the outdoor lights strung in the bushes, the Christmas cards mailed early; all her shopping was finished early -- except, of course, for that late idea for another present for someone that she now needs to find. LOL (Is a woman's shopping ever really done or does she just have to quit because Christmas Day arrives?) All this was accomplished by the 7th. Then Linda cooked for and hosted four dinner parties for friends & neighbors over the next ten days. Last Saturday we went to White Lightning Road to Uncle Travis's country home for the Christmas gathering of her side of the family (the Barhams, Hoods, Dosses, Houcks). Huge buffet lunch and presents all around. This month Linda also has made a ton of various candies, cookies, muffins, and cakes -- in her spare time!

Today our kids and grandkids start arriving. Our daughter, Ginny, and our oldest son, Geoff, with his wife, Rebecca, and three of our grandchildren -- Emma & Elle (twins) plus Jacob are driving over from Dallas, where Geoff & family flew in from Rock Hill, SC. They stayed a couple of nights at Ginny's Allen home. Then on Friday, our middle son, Greg, & his wife, Susan, arrive from Belle Chasse with our other two grandchildren, Wyatt & Sydney (a girl). We will have our youngest son, Jason, & his wife, Hannah, dropping in frequently since they live about 10 minutes away from us. Christmas we will have fourteen people here. This is the first Christmas ever for all the kids & grandkids to be together for Christmas Day. It will be great! I am now ready for Christmas to arrive. :-)

I hope everyone has a tremendous Christmas!

Holiday Cheer!


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