Sunday, October 17, 2010

"Aldric and Anneliese" should be out early 2011

My next novel, which is an action/adventure/romance set in the sixth century, tells a tale of nation building, battles, betrayal, tragedy, desperation, love, redemption, revenge, chivalry, honor, and more. The main characters are Reinhardt (a clan leader with a dream), King Edmund (son of Reinhardt and chosen to fulfill his father's dream), Aldric (Edmund's friend, champion, and protector), Nikolaus (Edmund's cousin), Queen Ursula (Edmund's queen), Dietmar (Ursula's brother), and Lady Anneliese (Aldric's true love).

"Aldric and Anneliese" is in the final stages of being edited by Barbara Ehrentreu, one of 4RV's finest editors. Hopefully, A & A will be published early in 2011. Please put it on your calendar to check it out then. The front cover has been designed already. Aidana WillowRaven (see: ), who is VP of Operations, as well as Art Director at 4RV Publishing, designed this fabulous cover. I'm getting excited about having "Aldric and Anneliese" published in just a few more months!




Vivian Zabel said...

Between author Harry and editor Barbara, the book should be first rate, a rare and good read.

lionmother said...

Oh Harry!!
You're so sweet!!!! Thank you and it has been a pleasure to work with you!!