Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Busy week!

This is turning out to be a busy week for my wife and me. Yesterday I bought a red maple tree from the nursery that is supposed to be planted in our back yard sometimes this week. Today we had a man out to the house to see about repairing our Corian kitchen counter top that has a small crack near the cooktop. Tomorrow we are getting our newly purchased Laz-y-boy sofa, loveseat, & recliner-swivel-rocking chair delivered. Then we hope to get our old furniture picked up by Goodwill later in the week. We are also trying to get a half cord of seasoned oak firewood delivered and stacked later this week. Plus Linda baked some gluten-free almond cookies and shipped them to my sister in Georgia who just came home from the hospital after surgery on her broken hip. Tomorrow Linda is baking a pound cake for my 92-year-old father in Macon, Ga and shipping it to him. Thursday Linda is going to Arcadia to shop & eat lunch with her Aunt Nellan. Friday morning we go to estate sales. Then Saturday is football! I hardly have time to work on the editing of the book I am editing from 4RV Publishing. Busy week!



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