Saturday, March 13, 2010

We are having glorious spring-like weather.

The past few days have seen simply gorgeous weather here in Shreveport. Spring has sprung! Temperatures in the mid-70s with blue, blue skies. The grass is starting to green - which also meant yard work to get rid of all the leaves, mow down the weeds, and spread weed killer & grass feed. Fortunately for me, my wife does the yard work. (Hey, I'm terribly allergic to all kinds of weeds and grass or I would be doing it.) The yard looks much nicer after we got through. Yes, we...I spread the weed & feed.

The Bradford pear trees are all in full bloom with their springtime-only white blossoms, while the tulip trees are displaying their tulips in full force by the hundreds. The squirrels are chasing each other around wanting sex. Birds are building their nest for their soon-to-be-here eggs. Yes, spring has definitely sprung!

Being a poet, the past few days of wonderful weather naturally inspired me to pen a new poem for the occasion. Here it is:

Springtime Renewal

Winter’s cold grip is broken
finally by the sunny warmth
of spring’s earliest days.
The earth rejoices!

Brown lawns become tinted
with green – mostly weeds,
to be sure, but new grass will
come close behind.

The Bradford pear trees shed
their winter-bareness with a
sudden outburst of delicate,
white blossoms…such beauty.

The tulip trees are ablaze with
hundreds of pink blossoms,
creating a tree-borne field of
gorgeous tulips in the air.

Everywhere plants of every
description are displaying
new growth in celebration
of the end of winter’s reign.

Squirrels chase one another
in amorous foreplay, while
birds gather the makings of
a nest, soon to be egg-filled.

Oh, how primitive Man must
have been gladdened by early
spring days, for they meant he’d
survived the meanness of winter.

Spring signals the renewal of
nature’s bounty, a return of
comfort and plenty. As spring
brightens Man’s outside world,

it makes his spirit soar above
winter’s depression. Springtime
strikes a chord of hope within Man,
hope born of eons of life’s renewals.

I hope you all are experiencing springtime weather as well. If not, hang on because it won't be too much longer.



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Liana said...

Great Harry! I love spring!