Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Spirit of the Season Catalog

Greetings, All ~

I just now returned home tonight from a holiday trip to my father's in Macon, Ga, to my sister-in-law's & her family in Clemmons, NC, to my oldest son's (Geoffrey) & his family (3 of my 5 grandkids)in Rock Hill, SC, back to Pop's in Macon, & finally the 675 miles home to Shreveport today...a long 12-hour drive in the rain. Arriving home exhausted, I was delighted to find "The Spirit of the Season Catalog" has now been released on-line. I have five books in this catalog: three in the Poetry book section, one in Fantasy, and one in Romance. Check it out:

This on-line catalog offers a life-enriching shopping experience and features bestselling books, unusual and personally empowering, self enriching products and services in a varied collection from amazing authors, coaches, gurus and mentors...and ME.

You’ll find gifts in the Spirit of the Season Catalog in the following categories: art, inspirational, motivational, business opps, success & wealth building, health and energy healing, Law of Attraction workshops, intuitive healing, all genres of fiction and a variety of non-fiction to empowering products that will light anyone’s life and .... MY BOOKS!

Please check out this catalog ... And MY BOOKS. Then please share the catalog with your friends, family and contacts! Thanks so much.

Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday Season.

Cheers to all and to all a good night!


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