Friday, September 11, 2009

My Storoems

Some poets hold a Master of Fine Arts.
They prefer to use an esoteric word
over the simple, until their poem imparts
scant meaning, becoming rather absurd.

Some poets write poems that are concise,
with few stanzas, each having short lines.
To express single ideas, brief poems suffice.
Indeed, sometimes a compact poem shines;

readers can digest it like a M&M candy.
Sometimes I try to write such terse verse.
Were I able to do so, it would come in handy.
However, in my poem’s topic, I fully immerse.

I strive to tell a simple story in most of my poems,
using longer lines, numerous stanzas, a lot of ink.
My messages are revealed through these storoems,
which, I hope, will make my readers feel and think.

Some readers don’t read long poems. What a shame!
The longer poem can delve deep to deserve acclaim.
If ever as a poet, I were to earn fortune and gain fame,
it will be my “storoems” that popularized my name.



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