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Liana Metal: Q&A and more

With this post I hope readers learn a lot more about Liana Metal, starting with some Q&A:

Do you consider yourself to be more of a painter or an author?

I would say that, now, I am both of them; but looking back on my childhood,I remember that I started expressing myself through drawing and painting. I was six or seven when I was trying to copy Disney cartoons and other pictures from magazines. The best for me is to write a story and then spend hours illustrating it. I find the whole process very challenging and rewarding in terms of the pleasure it gives me.

What are some of your goals you hope to accomplish with your books?

My main aim is to be able to contribute to organizations that help kids and women around the world. If I can create and sell books for a good reason, I will be happy too. Another aim is to highlight issues that are essential, such as love and friendship, nature awareness, ecology, problems that affect kids and grown-ups alike, such as low self-esteem.

How long have you been writing children's books? What got you started writing children's books?

I have been writing children's stories for as long as I can remember; I was in the primary school when I used to create comics with my own characters. At a time I thought that would be my future career. But I had to work in another field first, as a Language teacher, to find my way back to my first passion. I have never stopped working with kids--a job that I've always enjoyed greatly-- all this time, and they were my inspiration, along with my childhood memories. Working in my own Language school in Corfu, I gradually realized my long-awaited desire: to write children's books. Thus I started creating books more than ten years ago and distributing them to my students. The kids encouraged me and even helped with the activities that I also created for them. My first book was titled: The White Snail activity book. Ten more titles followed and then a lot more. But it was only recently that I finally had a headstart and got my book published by a traditional

Have you traveled in the U.S.A.? If so, where?

No, but I have traveled to Europe, such as UK, Spain, France, and other countries--Middle East too. I had studied English in UK in the 70s and since then I have never lost contact with my friends and the British culture.

What would you like readers to know about you?

Maybe my beliefs about kids; kids are very important since they are the citizens of the future; ultimate care for kids and moms should be top priority of every nation. Also, I am nature aware; that's why I mostly use small, insignificant-for-most-people animals in my stories. I believe that every single live species is worth mentioning and noticing.

Anything else you want to share with the readers?

My enthusiasm for every new creative challenge I encounter. Is there anything better than spending the day in a productive way that gives you joy and satisfaction? For me, there is not! So, let yourself be creative!

Liana’s BOOKS:

The Hostel
Fiction for young adults

Flowers for Women
An anthology for women by women

Achilleas' New Pet
Children's story included in Storytime, at

Storytime (Paperback)
by Liana Metal
Available from
Book’s Details:
Paperback: 34 pages
Publisher: (2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1409224511
ISBN-13: 978-1409224518
Product Dimensions: 7.5 x 7.5 x 0.1 inches
A delightful and thought-provocating children's book:

Liana Metal is a talented writer of children's stories, and it shines in her latest book, Storytime. The book comprises three short stories. The first, The White Snail, is about a happy,lovable white snail who wishes his "home" was brown like all the other snails. He meets a lovely female snail, who admires his beautiful white home, and the white snail realizes that the grass always appears greener on the other side. This basic theme of self-esteem is the major factor in this charming tale.

The next story, Let's Bake a Cake, is about friends who get together to do something nice for their shy friend, Tom. His birthday is the following day, but he is staying with his elderly grandmother who is unable to throw a party for him. His faithful friends come up with an idea so that Tom can have a birthday party and gifts. Loyalty and friendship is the major theme.

The final story, Achilleas' Pet, is about a boy who loves pets. He already had four, but he wants one more, different from all the others. He finds a tortoise and keeps it against his mother's wishes. After Achilleas thinks the tortoise is lost, it eventually turns up with four little ones. Then to his surprise there appears five more, one of them "very big" and he is puzzled at the small miracles of nature.

Children of all ages, including seventy-year-old grandmas, will love these stories of universal themes and truths, and parents will enjoy reading them to their children. The illustrations, done by the author, are cleverly designed. Young children who do not read yet, will easily follow the story, looking at the lovable aninmals and the happy children.

Review by Pauline Hager, author
Memoirs of an American Housewife in Japan

Free showcase for writers and artists


Liana’s OLDER publications (not available):
Bedtime Stories for kids
Writing Basics

Well now, I hope you feel that you know a lot more about Liana Metal and her works!




Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

I am always amazed at how creative people just tend to be creative, Liana. Perhaps they give themselves permission. I love your children's art.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson
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Vivian Zabel said...

Excellent post, Harry.

Liana, I've enjoyed reading about you and your work.

Donna M. McDine said...

Wonderful Q&A...well thoughtout and insightful. I especially like, dare to be creative.

Best wishes,

Joyce Anthony said...

Liana: My son should talk with you-he wants to be an artist. He has the talent to write, but so far no interest in it. I really enjoyed this interview!

Liana said...

Hi friends! Thank you all for your nice comments. Joyce, I am here to help if I am needed...your son will eventually follow his heart and his talent some day. You never know when-he will have to feel ready to do it.

Liana said...

Thank you for the new post. It's perfect!

Karen and Robyn - Writing for Children said...

Wonderful post, Harry.

It's funny, Liana, I did the same thing with tracing and drawing cartoons as a young child. I did it from children's comic books - they were big when I was a youngster.

It's great to learn about Liana. Thanks Harry!


Liana said...

Thank you Karen; you are right, comics were big at that time, no glossy paper, and it was easy to trace and copy via waxing-do you know that? Waxing a white sheet of paper and pressing it onto the picture produced a handmade photocopy! It didn't work on glossy paper-black and white pictures reproduced best. Thanks for making me recall this technique after so many years!