Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Had Two Winning Poems in 2008 Tom Howard Poetry Contest

Greetings, All ~

I can now reveal what the two secrets I have been keeping for a long while were. I teased you (and I'm sure annoyed some) with posts about having secrets. In December I was notified by John Reid that my storoem entitled the Old Salty Poems had won 2nd Place in the 2008 Tom Howard Poetry Contest. In addition to being quite an honor, it awarded a $1,000 prize to the winner. Then, in January I was notified that I had won another cash award in the contest. My free-verse poem entitled The Assembled Waiters had won a High Distinction award, with a prize of $200. I was informed that I was the only poet to win two cash awards in the contest. I was asked to please not tell anyone about my winning until they released the official results in mid-February. So, I have been sitting on this great news for over six weeks.

The official results have now been released. See them at:

Needless to say, I am extremely pleased at both the two honors and at the $1,200 winnings. That is more money than I have earned from all five of my published books together; plus it is most pleasing to have my poetic talent officially recognized.

Cheers for now!



Janet Ann Collins said...

Congratulations, Harry!

Vivian Zabel said...

A more deserving person couldn't be found anywhere. Congratulations, Harry. I'm glad for the very good wonderful wins for you.

Harry Gilleland said...

Many thanks, Janet and Vivian, for your congratulations on my good
news. I appreciate it!



madcapmaggie said...

Congratulations! That's fabulous news

Harry Gilleland said...

Many thanks, Maggie!



kathy stemke said...

Way to go, Harry!!!

Harry Gilleland said...

Many thanks, Kathy! I appreciate your interest and support.