Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Guest Author This Week Is: Pamela Devor

Pamela J. Devor is a freelance writer and author of children’s novels who gets much of the material for her books from her childhood. For instance, many of the experiences in her first book, “The Troll Door, The Trunk & The Compass”, originated from visits to her cousins’ farm as a child. Pamela has a great imagination and likes to add fun and magic to her books. She also likes to fill her stories with good family values.

Pamela is currently finishing her second novel, which is a sequel to “The Troll Door, The Trunk & The Compass.” Pamela is a wife, mother of four children, and grandmother to ten grandchildren. She lives in Southern Illinois with her family.

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“The Troll Door, The Trunk, and the Compass” is about five siblings who spend the summer with their aunt on the farm. There are lots of fun farm experiences for the kids, who are thrilled to be there. Their aunt has had a hard time for about six months because her fiancé disappeared (literally). She needs the children to distract her from her problem.
Alexander explores in the attic and finds an old trunk. Inside the trunk is a diary from a scientist who lived in the house over twenty years before. In addition to the diary is a compass the scientist invented. The compass has dials for different years and different worlds. Alexander tries it, travels back in time and meets the scientist. Then together they set off to try to rescue his aunt’s fiancé from another world, if it is not too late.

Now let’s get to know Pamela Devor better with a bit of Q & A.

Q: How long have you been writing? How did you get started?

Pamela: I’ve only been writing for three years. I started writing a story just for fun using my grandchildren’s personalities for the characters in my story. The story just kept getting longer. I kept coming up with more ideas. So I started calling it a book. I did not intend to get it published. But I met a published author and his wife. They encouraged me to submit my book. It has been a lot of fun. I am nearly finished writing the sequel. I plan to write at least four books in this series.

Q: How does your life experience help you in your writing?

Pamela: My mom always read to my brothers and me when we were kids. I learned to love reading at an early age. She also allowed me to use my imagination. In the summer she washed out tin cans that still had the labels on such as green beans or corn. She let us set up a little store outside. We used the leaves from the ‘money’ tree to buy things. She also made up a ‘stove’ for me out of a cardboard box. She threw a blanket over a card table to make a tent and sheets over the two clotheslines to make tunnels.
I have four children and ten grandchildren of my own now. There are a lot of experiences that I use from my children and grandchildren in my books. When I am writing, I tap into my imagination and just let it go.

Q: What has been the greatest challenge for you as a writer? The greatest reward?

Pamela: The greatest challenge is mainly finding the time to write. I work full time as a network administrator, live on a working livestock farm, and teach Sunday school. We have two boys still at home, two grown children, and ten grandchildren.
My greatest reward is when my friends, family, and strangers tell me how much they loved the book and ask me when the sequel is going to be out.

Q: If you could give an aspiring writer any tips for success, what would they be?

Pamela: Write for fun and let your imagination go wild.

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Joyce Anthony said...

Wow--I love meeting new authors and learning about books I haven't heard about-is this for young kids or slightly older readers? It sounds like a great book!

Vivian Zabel said...

Ah, Joyce, you asked my question: What age reader?

Thanks, Harry, for letting have a chance to learn about a new author on our circuit.

Oh, I guess you forgot to post about the award for your blog.

Pamela Devor, Author Children's Book said...

Hi Joyce and Vivian, It is geared towards kids in the 4th - 5th grade on up to 80 yrs old. LOL
I've had a lot of positive feedback from kids and adults alike.
Pamela J. Devor

deborah said...


Your book sounds great. Congratulations for being welcomed into the publishing world so successfully right from the beginning!

deborah ramos

Pamela Devor, Author Children's Book said...

Thanks so much!
I am having a lot of fun reading about all the interesting authors on everyone's blogs. I just wish I had a lot more time so I could get to everyone.

Harry, Thanks so much for hosting me. You do such a nice job!